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Local SEO Birmingham AL, SEO Company in Birmingham AL, Search Engine Optimization Birmingham AL

Our world is now technology driven. All day, every day millions of individuals are making use of Internet search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to find businesses and general information. As a small business, you can’t afford to ignore this transformation. It is also a fact that consumers who search for products and services normally do not look further than page 1 to find the business they will buy from.

It’s a reality: If your potential customer cannot locate you online, they will most certainly find your competitors and you will missing out on business you should have had. Consider these facts: 95 % of smartphone users have done a local search to find services and products. 89 % of local searchers act on the search results page within a day.

With this in mind, every business should strive to be where consumers are looking for them – on the Internet. People no longer count on old-fashioned directories to find what they need. They are on their phones searching the Internet all day to satisfy their buying needs. This is where Local SEO can help you.

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of fine-tuning your website and local search engine submissions. This enhances the chance of your business or website to be “discovered” easily, and assists the local customer in locating YOU. By keeping your Internet data and company listings frequently and continually updated and accurate throughout all search engines, Local SEO makes certain that your placement on search results web pages is superior.

It was also discovered that most people choose companies to do business with that are within a 10-mile radius of where they live. Google recognized this and came up with the concept of Local SEO to make it easier for consumers to find these businesses. With Local SEO, search engines can see where your computer resides and provide you with a search result from that same area.

While Local SEO is definitely the best way for local consumers to find you, Google does not make it easy for you to obtain page 1 status. With the changes Google makes daily, it is essentially difficult for the typical businessmen to keep up and be competitive in Local SEO. At Fusion One Marketing, we constantly research and refine our SEO capabilities to profit you on the search engines. To be effective, your business should show up on page 1 and we can get you there.

With Fusion One Marketing and Local SEO building your company’s Internet strength, you will most definitely boost your market share. Additional people are going to find you, who otherwise might not, which will certainly get additional traffic strolling in your door.


Local SEO Birmingham AL, SEO Company in Birmingham AL, Search Engine Optimization Birmingham AL

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